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The launch of Hotelier International in Finland

There it is. Hotelier International Finland edition, 1/2014. That was an interesting journey. During the autumn I have been in contact with over a hundred advertisers in order to discuss this target group. Today it reached a target group of 5000 interior designers, architects and the decision makers in the hospitality industry. This means it’s time to take round two. At the first round we managed to get launch partners, that boldly went where no advertiser in Finland had gone before. They were willing to try out this new product of ours, a product in which I for a fact believe very strongly in. On this second round I am convinced the followers will realize the potential of this magazine and join the ongoing developing project of Hotelier International Finland. The year of 2015 will be the year we build this magazine into a quarterly magazine with the most interesting content, supported by the top advertisers in Finland.

If you’re an advertiser looking for a distinctive way to reach your target group within design or in the hospitality industry, please contact us for an offer you will not be able to refuse.

To infinity and beyond!

Titti Myhrberg
Director of sales, Hotelier International Finland